Initial Crashiest Fail

I’ll talk about it more later but other life events such as moving, building up a full-time freelance writing business from home, and then finally the kick in the teeth one tends to get from being diagnosed with cancer. All of this is the point of crashiest. What you cram forward now, gets done. Period. What you don’t get done now stands a risk of never getting done.

The Chrashiest Way to Put an Image on a Post

For example, this post needs an image, some sort of image to tie it all together while grabbing the reader’s attention. In the past, I just grab something from Pixabay resize it, slap it up in the post and move on to the next. The is the crashiest way to get through a post. If my brain and schedule are chomping to move on to the next great task it’s hard to stop them. Knowing that my time, focus, and willpower are running out, this is no time to try the procedure, it’s not time to try a new software or app, and it’s really not time quit, because by the time I make it back around it might be too late.

Time To Crash Forward

One of most important things to learn about the Chrashiest Philosophy is when to use it, or when to abandon it all together.

If all that is stopping you from doing the next important thing on your plan/strategy/to-do list, then slap up the first picture you see and carry forward. Nothing hurts a person with ADHD more than blocking, or even delaying a train of focused momentum. Getting them back is hard to come by.

For today’s lesson, sure to be rewritten in the future, and not now while I’m trying to get through to another pomodoro, we are going to abandon my traditional rock bottom effort image selection to get two birds with one stone.

  • Bird One: You’re reading it dude!
Standard slap up an image – In this case the scene from Finding Nemo where the turtle says, “You’re riding it dude!”
  • Bird Two: Continue Learning Canva to Create a portfolio of title images both for use on my projects, but just as importantly to build a profile be used as samples for potential freelance writing clients.

Don’t get the wrong idea. The turtle image is both effective at making the page look more appealing and it is an “in” joke with people who know the Finding Nemo movie well enough like me (50) and my two kids both do (teens). If not, well my guess is you can move on.

A Professional Featured Image Created Specifically for this Purpose

And, here we go. A very traditional, very effective, very standard graphic to be used on this particular post as the featured image.

My graphic design work still isn’t the best, but certainly good enough. Combining that with my excellent writing, financial expertise, and technology consultant practice, this is a solid effort.

Welcome to the reboot of Crashiest. If it takes too long and you want it now, you have found your home.

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