Fastest Blog Post Crashiest Way

Ready to write a blog post?

Of course you are. That’s why you’re here. You want to write a fast blog post. But, when you sat down to write a quick blog post you got stuck. Not stuck really, but detoured, distracted, detailed. That’s right, I said detailed.

You see, you can’t just write a blog post. You have to research keywords. You have to pick the right keywords. You have to know your target audience. You have to choose your schema. You have to decide whether to publish on your own blog, or on your Medium, or should you go try and set up a substack? And, really, is this blog post your top priority. Maybe you should check your to do list. Maybe you should schedule something on your calendar. Maybe you should add a pomodoro.

Crash Forward Now

This is the opposite of Crashiest. These are the speed bumps that not only slow you down, they can keep you from EVER taking action at all.

Right now you WANT to write this blog post. Right now you have motivation. Right now the muse that sits on your shoulder is jumping up and down cheering you on, but all those things you read about time management, and doing the right thing, and….

You get the picture.

What do you do?

You crash forward. You write it. You hit publish. You get it done, THEN you add it to calendar, or your task list, or your pomodoros, your ADHD planner, or whatever you use. You add it as a cleanup task, or a polish task. When you go back it won’t matter if you are motivated, or if your muse is sleeping. You’ll already have that blog post there ready to polish.

NOW, check those keywords. (Maybe you got lucky!) NOW, pick the perfect piece of clip art instead of the first one you saw. NOW, be sure it focuses on your target audience. NOW, copy it over to Medium, or add it to your substack.

In the meantime, you got a post published. Google saw that your blog is recently updated. Maybe some people found and linked your post.

Good things happen to those who make thing happen.

Writing My Rocketbook ADHD Planner review

Do I practice what I preach?

Well, are you reading this post? I crashed this because it plowed into my mind on my way to Crashiest Post my Rocket Notebook ADHD Planner review because I’ve been using my new Rocketbook that I bought and I have thoughts about how it might work as an ADD Planner for my ADHD tools and tips blog at

Did I think all of those other things I wrote above?

You bet. In fact my Google AdWords – Keyword Tool is already open to research keywords, my Yoast plugin sits there daring me to type in a keyword, and my to do list dares me to look at. But, I’m bailing out. I’m typing it the second I hit publish here.

In 3… 2… 1…

(Don’t worry. I’ll be back to fix it later. Or, I won’t either way. This will already be here.)

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