Welcome to Crashiest

Crashiest – The fastest way to do anything.

Crashiest is a way to do things, anything, that avoids the common pitfalls that so often sabotauge our progress and forward momentum.

How many times have you started a project with the best of intentions? You planned it out. You drew it up on the whiteboard, added it to your to-do list, put milestones in your project tracker, then added tasks to achieve your milestones to a task list, all to end up stalled before you ever really started?

Crashiest is a methodology to avoid this problem. It is based around the simple concept that charging forward, it in the quickest, most direct way, allows you to crash through all those obstacles that end up standing in your way. When so much of any project depends upon the lessons you learn along the way, why spend so much time preparing for what you don’t know is coming?

Take this website.

Right now, it probably looks pretty bleak. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, of course. I bought the domain name a year ago. In fact, the renewal notice finally shocked me into doing something… ANYTHING.

After all, what is better? For this domain to sit empty and unused while I fill notebooks with plans trying to make it a “worthy” website, or for there to be something here? Something for Google to find and index? Something for me to link to? Something to link from? Something to maybe catch the interest of a passing reader or two?

You see, all of those things need to happen. All of those things take a certain amount of time. Time that I cannot speed up, nor skip. So, they might as well start happening NOW, while I’m still getting going, instead of me spending a year on prep and having to wait THEN for it to happen.

You’ll see plenty of great stuff here in the very near future now that this website is up and running. After all, how embarrassing is it for a website by a professional web developer to look like this? I’m not going to just let it sit here like this.

It needs stuff like:

  • A way to sign up
  • An newsletter to subscribe to
  • Content — LOTS of content
  • Menus, buttons, links
  • A decent design for crying out loud
  • A color scheme
  • Tools, utilities, graphics, MORE

After sitting unused for a year, what is the difference now? The difference is that to get going, I thought of the Crashiest thing I could think of. Just put the website up! To do that, I had to hop to, crash forward, if you will.

Pick a grid system (or not)… Well, there are a lot of good grids. Of course, I could just do my own design. Maybe it should be based on WordPress… DO IT NOW!

Gah! OK! I’ve always wanted to use the Foundation thing from Zurb… DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

OK. Well, let’s take a look at… Upload files NOW!

I should come up with some good text for the landing page, after all… Write some text NOW!

Welcome to Crashiest. It’s going to be great.

Coming first will be crashiest plans and strategies for personal finance, coding/programming, and writing projects

Crashiest is an ArcticLlama project.