Crashiest Programming Languages and Tools

I have an idea.

This is how it always starts. I have an idea. It’s a really great idea. It turns over in my head. I keep coming back to in this shower. I think about it while I fall asleep, and when I wake up at 4:00 am because of the dex, or just because my mind switched on for some reason.

(Mental note: get over to Brian Has Cancer and write an article about dexamethasone. It seems to be stuck in in one your lists inside one of your notebooks.)

Crashiest In Action

My Crashiest blog is new.

Well, it isn’t. According to NameCheap I’ve had the domain name for two years now. The best laid plans of mice and men, and all of that. (Do I have a referral or affiliate for NameCheap? Add to the notebook, I’m crashing forward here!)

It is new because I’ve never done anything with it. More notebooks. More lists.

This is where Crashiest comes in. Don’t get me wrong. Notebooks, lists, calendars, ADHD planners, and the like all ensure that necessary, due now, someone is paying money for that project, tasks get done on time. They also help me build my website empire.

What gets lost are some of the ideas that might have made it if I had just charged ahead. – A Tuesday afternoon where my brain was fuzzy and my anxiety nigh. A Saturday morning before everyone else gets going. Late at night when my brain is sharp and raring to go. Any of those chunks of time could be used the crash forward to get it started.

Crashiest is about skipping the notebooks. It’s about leaving behind getting it just right. It means throwing up some mostly default WordPress theme and filling the pages and posts as they come to mind. Heck, I don’t even have any WordPress plugins installed, let alone been through the WordPress customizations. (Can you taste the SEO keywords? Yum!)

Boy, it’s hard to find a sunrise picture without the ocean or mountains.

Crashing Forward at 5:00 am

My family is still asleep. I made coffee. I read Twitter and TechCrunch and I sat in my super comfy leather chair.

Now I have an idea.

I’m going to Crash ahead learning Dart, and/or Flutter, I don’t know enough about Dart yet to know the best path. That’s what Crashiest is. I’m not going to research. I’m not going to look for books. I’m not going to read articles. I’m going right to and starting. I’m going to tweet it as I go.

He go ahead and read my look at the Acorns app Acorns review.

I like the idea. I like more than probably everyone else will. That doesn’t matter. Finding an audience, building a social media campaign, going to watering holes, building a presence on whatever the Dart Reddit is, is all notebook material. — Doing it is Crashiest.

But, wait there is more.

Crashiest Google I/O

I’ve been trying to participate in Google I/O, but it is the last week of school for my kiddos which means the high schooler needs rides. The elementary schooler needs help getting ready, and someone to connect with a 3:50 pm. There is a house that needs cleaned, and there was the one-two punch of Mother’s Day and my wife’s birthday to do/decorate/finish.

But, what if, in addition to crashing forward with Dart, I just took everyone one of the techs that Google I/O makes a big deal about or has a learning session about and ran out into the waves of the ocean of knowledge required to be an “expert” in any of those techs, as far as you could go without falling over and starting to swim?

I’d know ENOUGH about all of them to know if

  • it’s a programming language or supporting tech that would be useful for MY projects
  • If it’s a tech or skill worth putting on a resume to get a job
  • if it’s worth adding to my technology blog that I’m building up because employers have no vision to understand that the ability to write high-level tech articles translates very well to being a technical writer, which translates very well to being a developer advocate or champion, and certainly is a great way to hire a freelance technology writer
  • if its worth building its own resources for
  • if its just something that I love

and most importantly, every tool you know about is another arrow in your quiver when it comes to finding an answer on StackOverflow / StackExchange, Reddit, Google, or whatever. (Some tools have their own community which is a gold mine.)

Is a Zelle a scam? My Zelle review.

Google I/O Technologies

Here is where it would be really easy to turn this whole thing into a “real project” instead of crashing ahead so, instead, let’s continue to crashiest this thing.

Technologies from Google I/O that I’ll gain, and document, a minimum thumbnail level of knowledge in and maybe more in the immediate future, crashiest style.

(Just because I’m a professional writer and I can’t just put things out there without facts, I will note that as of 6:01 am this morning I know next to nothing about any of this techs or languages. That, of course, is the whole point.)

  • Dart
  • Flutter
  • Firebase
  • Compose
  • Android Studio
  • Google Fast Cache Servers – prefetching (
  • Review AMP (it’s been awhile)

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